Magic Tracing Notebook

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Magic Tracing Notebook

Product Features:

  • Carefully designed picture illustrations invite you to trace the lines of the figures.
  • In the book, concentration line tracing exercise pages alternate with coloring pages.
  • Particularly suitable for ages 2-6 during kindergarten, pre-school, for school starters, and the first years of school.
  • With this exercise book, you will playfully support your child’s graphomotor skills and prepare them for writing letters and numbers.

Lines And Shapes For Beginners:

  • Simple and short exercises ensure early success and recognition of directions, forms, and lines along with first experiences of hand-eye coordination.

Turns And Arches For The Advanced:

  • Loops, hooks, and changes of direction improve the child’s feel for holding and guiding the pen correctly.

Symbols And Pictures:

  1. It unconsciously supports a feeling for mathematical figures, signs, and symmetries.
  2. Drawing simple pictures and figures is fun, strengthens your child’s self-confidence, and also develops imagination.